About Grupo Erik Editores

  • 20 years in business (1997-2017)2
  • A team of more than 50 professionals 
  • Offices in Spain’s Costa Tropical. 5000 square meters with offices and warehouses
  • We export throughout almost all of Europe
  • More than 5000 clients

We have our own design department, from which about 1500 new SKUs are delivered every year. Including:

  • 250 calendars
  • 300 posters
  • 150 folders and notebooks
  • 100 planners


We work with an average of 25 licenses, which include popular names like

Real Madrid / FC Barcelona / Disney / Star Wars / DC Comics / Marvel / Amelie


We are a business in constant evolution, with double digit growth since 2013, and our own distribution system.

We have an active sales and merchandisers network in:

  • Spain since 1997
  • Portugal since 1999
  • France since 2009
  • Italy since 2016


Our clients include popular companies like:


2017/2018 Strategy


  • To incorporate new and innovative Erik products into our catalog, and increase imported product distribution from our overseas collaborators.
  • To modernize the company’s logistics structure, with the aim of continuing to improve our customer services.
  • The hiring of new, experienced professionals to our team, providing the group a more expansive vision and greater level of knowledge.
  • Greater in-store services and an increase in our presence in France and Italy, all associated to a growth in invoicing and benefits to the Grupo Erik and its clients.


Our aim: to reach the greatest level of product and distribution quality and to distinguish ourselves as leaders in our sector.